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Lebanon, OR

1.5 Million Square Foot Regional Distribution Center

This monumental industrial development was sited on 205 acres in Lebanon, Oregon and involved constructing a 1.5 million square foot Lowe’s regional distribution center, expandable to 2.2 million square feet, along with all ancillary storage, access, highway, drainage, utility, and environmental enhancements and improvements.

Lebanon Project

"Construction of this site created over 56 acres of new wetlands and enhanced over 58 acres of existing wetlands."

Thomas Graham Civil Design Group provided a full range of services for this project involving site selection and alternatives analysis for over a dozen sites covering a three state area, preliminary engineering, costs analysis, entitlements, permitting, full engineering design and construction phase services, including the design and implementation of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) program.

Preservation of Natural Wetlands

Particular challenges for this site were the high ground water table and mitigating the impacts to some of Oregon’s natural wetlands.

Shot of natural wetlands site in Lebanon, Oregon
The design effort brought together a number of local environmental specialists, biologists, and talented drainage engineers to come up with a design that satisfied the concerns of a number of special interest groups, state and federal regulators, city officials and staff, as well as the adjacent landowners.

storm water management system

Proposed and existing wetlands runoff
The result was a sophisticated storm water management system incorporating engineered filtration and detention ponds as well as methods to hydrate new and existing wetlands as part of a wetlands mitigation plan while preventing standing water on the site.

Construction of this site created over 56 acres of new wetlands and enhanced over 58 acres of existing wetlands. The total mitigation area was 114.62 acres and provided a wetland mitigation credit of 66.71 acres based on Oregon Department of State Lands Mitigation ratios. Due to the nature of this project and the sensitive environmental issues involved, extensive coordination with local, state and federal agencies was required throughout the design process.

Project Blueprint

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